It All Adds Up!

At Bangou, we love numbers and we want you to love them too.
That’s why we’re dedicated to making exciting, challenging games that will help build your mathematical and problem solving skills.

Bangou is simple yet challenging – create equations to clear 20 numbers from the grid as fast as possible.  
There’s more than 1 way to finish, and forward planning is required to make sure it all adds up!

Happy gaming! And please provide feedback on how we can improve the game for you.

About Bangou

Bangou has four exciting levels:

Beat the clock by clearing the grid in the fastest possible time
Find the most complicated equations to score the highest points
Aim for your highest score as you clear the grid, but be fast as numbers will returning at an ever faster rate
Beat the clock by clearing the grid, however, you are restricted to only a limited number of equation tools
Don’t forget to use UNDO if you get stuck.


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